Welcome to LoanCare’s Customer Advocate Website!
At LoanCare, we take our service to our customers seriously. This platform is intended to assist our customers who need to contact our customer service representatives that specialize in research and customer inquiries. We hope that this website will empower our customers to contact us for any issues that they may have with their loan or with the servicing of their loan.

What is an Advocate?
An advocate is a person who investigates, reports on, and helps to settle complaints. An advocate represents the interest of the consumer and acts as an intermediary in order to resolve issues and address complaints.

Why does LoanCare have Advocates?
The customer advocate, while still an employee of the company, is the customer’s liaison to management by providing a resource and process to answer your questions, and to help you resolve your concerns or issues. The advocate will be the voice to the members of our organization, who have the power to address your issues directly and in a timely fashion.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!